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Features and Benefits:

EB EPOXY CRACK FILLER offers installers several advantages from: easy to mix and can fill in imperfections and crack several types of substrates.

  • Available in gray
  • Ability to fill in shallow, deep cracks and imperfection
  • Dry time from 5-10 hours
  • Plenty of working time
  • No VOC
  • Chemical resistant


Coating applications:
Home owners, DIY, contractors, coating installers and architects may elect to use EB EPOXY CRACK FILLER as a floor coating within interior or exterior applications. EB EPOXY CRACK FILLER is designed to be used in a number of settings including as a: industrial floor coating, shop floor coating, garage floor coating and decorative commercial floor coating. 

Coating systems:
As a work horse floor coating product, EB EPOXY CRACK FILLER may be incorporated into a number of high performance resinous flooring systems such as, color chip or flake floor coatings, monolithic quartz flooring, metallic, solid color industrial flooring and decorative concrete applications.

Common applications:
Garage floors, Patios, Sidewalks, Retail stores, Animal facilities, Warehouse and industrial floors

2 gallon kits, 10 gallon kits

Coverage, dry times and mixing ratio:

Coverage rates- 0.13 cubic feet or 1,128 linear feet @ 1/8” x 1/8”
Dry times- Tack free (dry to the touch) 5-10 hours
Pot life- 1-3 hour
Mixing ratio- 1 Parts A to 1 Part B
Surface preparation required: Acid Etch (CSP-1), Diamond Grind (CSP-2), Light Shot Blast (CSP-3)
Colors available: Gray 

Type: EB EPOXY CRACK FILLER (100% Solids Epoxy)

Percent Solids by Weight: 100% solids

Shelf Life: 12 months

Pot Life: 1-3 hour

Light Foot Traffic: 10-24 hours

Heavy Traffic: 2-7 days

Full Chemical Cure: 7 days

Minimum re-coat: immediately after application

Maximum re-coat: 36 hours

Mixing Ratio: 1 Parts A to 1 Part B (1:1)

Recommended Thickness: 1/8” cracks or thin build repairs 


EB EPOXY CRACK FILLER is a two component 100% solids epoxy crack filler designed for shallow repair on either vertical or horizontal surfaces. This product is easy to mix and use.