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  • Designed for Commercial Applications
  • Comes in Several Colors
  • Epoxy Base and Urethane Base

​EB ESD System

Benefits and Features:

  • Moisture Mitigation prime coat available

  • Suitable in many chemical exposure environments         

  • High impact and wear resistance

  • The electro-conductive ingredients used will not wear off and retain their conductive properties regardless of temperature

  • High conductive rate

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(Optional) Moisture Mitigation Coat: Coverage Rate Mixing Ratio
EB Moisture Epoxy Mitigation 95 2:1
Primer Coat:
EB ESD Prime Coat 250 to 300 2:1
(Optional) Mid Coat
EB ESD Epoxy 90 to 200 2:1
Top Coat:
ESD Urethane
320 to 500 2:1

EB ESD System

EB ESD SYSTEM is a high performance epoxy urethane floor coating system designed to preform and withstand hold a static charge. This system is chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, UV stable and can withstand abuse. EB ESD SYSTEM comes in several colors.

EB ESD SYSTEM-Cured System Properties

425 psi (Concrete failure)

Flexural Strength
12,400 psi (ASTM D790)

Compressive Strength
10,600 psi (ASTM D695)

Tensile Strength
8,100 psi (ASTM D638)


Impact Resistance
50 inch lbs. direct

Abrasion Resistance
22 mg

Glossmeter >70

Colors Available
Light Gray, Medium Gray, and Tile Red

Typical Applications:

  • Computer Rooms

  • Data Storage Facilities

  • Schools

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Mining Industry

  • Chemical Storage Facilities